It is true that most people pray to live their lives to old age. But also obvious that some people do not really enjoy the old age when it comes due to some factors that may associate with it.

Below are the summary of some things we need to do to make our old age more fun and enjoyable:

1. Quit Smoking.

It has been verified that smoking or taking drugs like tobacco and others up to 40 years of age is capable of reducing more than a decade in our lives. I think the ball is now in your court; to choose between life and early death.

Abstinence from smoking is one of the best decisions we have to make to enjoy our old age, because vital organs which would have been damaged will still remain strong and healthy. Your immune system is also strong to make you resistant instead of being susceptible to some sicknesses associated with old age.

Stop smoking now to avoid future regret!

2. Eat Anti-aging Diets.

Diets like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low mercury fishes, moderate amounts of healthy fats are said to be anti-aging and capable of making people younger and healthier at old age. Consume them regularly to remain cool.

3. Maintain Healthy Body Weight.

Regulation of our body weights is one of the ways to enjoy our lives at old age.

Studies have shown that too much fat in the body predisposes us to heart and other vascular diseases like coronary artery disease, hypertension and more. These diseases can make old age really frustrating.

Exercise is the sure way to maintain our body weight. Talk to your doctor if you need another way to maintain your weight.

4. Manage Stress Intake.

It is important to minimize stress intake as we get older. This is why people work hard during their youthful ages; they do so to reduce their stress when they get older. Children should endeavour to assist their parents if they could not secure wealth that can work for them and reduce their stress. Note that the world is turning; small time you will reap from everything you did to your parents.

Stress produces stress hormone (cortisol) which quickens aging process.

Stress is the major cause of depression at old age. Depression can trigger manifestation of different diseases during the aging.

It is therefore crucial that we bring in those behaviours that can eliminate stress during the aging. It is no more a news that one can have much wealth but the one is not happy in life. Such person can not make a successful aging.

Happiness is the major key to reduce stress.

No matter your condition as you age, practice smiling more, mindfulness meditation, self hypnosis. They reduce stress and make you look younger and healthy, especially that of smiling.

5. Stay Active.

Don’t leave those things you can still do as you get older. Most of them make you stay younger and healthy. Don’t think that you are no more important. No one is not important as another person in as much as the person is alive. God does not know who is older or younger. We are all equal before Him.

Activeness of mind is very important. No wonder most educated people look younger than uneducated ones. Study has shown that the state of mind determines much in making one look older or younger. Stress of mind affects people more when compared to body stress.

6. Stay Social.

Still do those social activities you know. Our people say that elderly woman does not get old when it comes to dance she knows how to dance well.

Is it ball you play? You can even play it with younger children.

Try those things enumerated above to stay younger while you go older.

Hope they are helpful?

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By Livinus Uguru

The author and founder of Livinus Uguru's Blog Livinus Uguru is a renowned passionate blogger, digital marketer, content creator and medical practitioner. He enjoys sharing knowledge and experiences to the benefit of general public, and has written many news and articles published in different media and online platforms. Hope you enjoy reading this blog posts?

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