Many people always complain of having offensive Itching on some parts of their bodies, especially on their hands, fingers, feet, legs or on their back during periods of cold, like in the early morning or period of increase rainfall and cold.

Most time this type of itching may occur in one side, like on the left or right hand.

Today am going to reveal to you the most suspected cause of such itching.

Hope you are ready to move with me? Don’t worry, it is going to be short and summarized.

Itching is among the ways body reacts to some conditions. These conditions may be external or internal.

Other way body reacts may be through pain which is response to pain stimuli.

Itching and pain among others are referred to as symptoms of diseases or body disorders; because they are among the complaints given by the persons that experience them and not observed by the health care givers unless they make enquiry from patients.

Yes, this means you can’t say that someone is experiencing pain or itch if the person had not told you either through words or body languages.

Unlike symptoms of diseases, signs of diseases like fever or swelling can be detected by health givers through examination without being told by the patients.

Why then do some people experience itching during those periods in the headline?

The reason here is simple. It is as a result of cold associated with those periods.

This itching usually occur on extremities of body, such as on the hands, legs and most time also on the back.

Yes, this is because some people are allergic to cold and that is why little exposure to cold can cause them such reaction.

What is allergic reaction?

In a simple way allergic reaction is unwanted reaction that people do see when they are exposed to conditions their bodies don’t want.

Common causes of this kind of reaction include: cold, drugs, foods, fruits, animals, dusts, among others.

Let us now talk more on relationship between cold and Itching.

Those conditions like cold cause allergy by stimulating release of neurotransmitter known as histamine.

This substance (histamine) is the chief cause of itching. It is released mostly during allergic reaction.

Allergic reaction caused by cold

This otherwise called urticaria reaction .

Types of urticaria reaction

  • Mild
  • Severe

MIld reaction

This is mostly experienced by people. It just occurs as simple itching. It may just be itching between fingers, feet, hands or other sides.

Most pregnant women do experience this.

Why? You want me to deep more? Yes pregnant women have less blood, because they share blood with the fetus inside the womb.

When there is less blood there will be more of this urticaria reaction.

Move down to see mechanisms of urticaria reaction.

People that experience this only notice when it occurs and forget it later, because the symptoms may not stay long.

Some may tend to ask questions, especially if they have health care givers living with them.

Severe reaction

This type of reaction is the most dangerous.

Take a look on the picture below.

It usually occur during rainy season. Both severe and mild may be chronic or acute to to the patients.

The chronic type of this has put some people in state of quagmire.

Some people even think that it comes from evil people or their enemies. These kind of people hardly listen to advice of health care providers.

Because it is chronic the drugs are not stopped in hurry during treatment. But this persons may take the drugs and expect quick recovery.

When they have not seen recovery, they tend to stop the drugs and fall back to their thought that the disease has been sent by evil people.

But just calm down if you have this and stay in long term treatment until it has disappeared. Also precautions are very important to avoid relapse (falling back) of the symptoms.

This severe type comes with rashes on the hands, legs, back. It also comes with swelling especially in lower extremity of the body.

Swelling of legs, thigh, feet usually occur.

In more severe condition it comes with stiffness of joints and immobility of the people.

It is always frustrating when people find they can’t work. Please always seek treatment to avoid this maturity to severe form.

Mechanisms of urticaria reaction

How the above reaction happens.

I want to reveal to you how this reaction occurs.

Yes, earlier I said that pregnant women do complain of this reaction because they have lower blood volume.

Why? Pregnancy means two people or more are sharing things from common source.

The common source is the mother to the fetus or fetuses. That is why they have lower blood volume.

What are the mechanisms?

During cold there is reduction in size of blood vessels and decrease in blood pumped to vital organs in the body such as liver, kidney, heart muscles, etc .

Because of reduction in volume of blood reaching the vital organs, the body tries to sustain the function of the important organs and keep them warm.

This shifts blood from upper and lower extremities to inside body.

Normally, when blood is adequate it can neutralize the effects of histamine released during cold.

For those allergic to cold, because of decrease of blood in extremities and retention of the blood in internal organs, they feel effects of histamine released during cold which results in itching and more severe symptoms in some cases.

Hope I have tried to explain the mechanisms and that you are happy to have known?


Mostly treated with antihistamines. Supplement like zinc also helps when combined.

Please explain to your health care givers for proper examination and treatment.


If you notice you are allergic to cold please be careful with cold.

Alway cover your body during cold.

Don’t sleep in environment where there is cold.

Exercise is very important in preventing and managing many disorders.

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By Livinus Uguru

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