It is always a home accident when people unintentionally swallow a fish bone and it gets stuck in the throat.

It can leave one in that feeling of doom.

Sometimes this bone can easily dislodge from where it is sticking which makes it to be taken out either from mouth or it can get swallowed.

The challenge now is when this bone refuses to come out from where it sticks. This is serious discomfort right?

Today am going to discuss how the stubborn fish bone in the throat can be easily managed in nine ways.

It is going to be short and summarized, don’t worry. Make sure you read to the end.

Any of these nine ways has been proven to help in removing fish bone in the throat without causing further harm to the person:

Let’s take them one after another.

1. Cough forcefully

Coughing is the first defense mechanism that body uses to remove abnormal things in the throat.

So, when you notice that bone has stuck in your throat do well to allow that cough reflex.

Coughing creates force of air which is very helpful in dislodging foreign substances in the throat. This will cause immediate sense of relief.

2. Eat banana

This is a simple way to remove fish bone stuck in the throat.

How does it work?

Fine, banana is soft and cannot hurt esophagus. So, when eaten it can easily pick up the bone as it passes through esophagus to stomach.

This is safer as the bone can easily be defecated along with digested food.

Taking hard substance like swallowing of hard meal is not recommended as this can push the bone and makes it penetrate more in the throat. This will worsen the sensation.

3. Eat moistened bread or cooked rice

This works in similar way as banana.

Taking a bread soaked in milk can easily dislodge the bone from where it is hanging.

Other things that work the same way are cooked rice or potatoes. This is because they are soft and can work very well in this situation.

4. Drink olive oil

Olive oil has been observed not to be easily absorbed like water. It keeps the lining of throat hydrated longer when compared to water.

So, drinking olive oil lubricates the throat, including where the bone is hanging and can easily quicken the release of the bone.

It is recommended that if you can’t drink pure olive oil, you can mix it with one cup of water.

5. Drink acidic drink

Yes, it is known that drinking acidic drinks like soda or vinegar-water can easily soften the fine fish bone. The bone becomes soft and can dislodge easily into stomach or can even dissolve and disappear.

6. Wait patiently for it to pass on its own

Sometimes the discomfort caused by the bone can make one not to know if the bone is still stuck in the throat or it has dislodged into stomach.

Waiting for some hours can help determine if the discomfort is caused by inflammation left by the bone or the bone itself is still there.

The bone can also easily come out from where it is sticking during the hours of waiting. I have seen one. The person after waiting for some hours told me that the bone unexpectedly came out as he was in the vehicle.

7. Eat a marshmallow

This works the same way as banana, cooked rice and bread.

But marshmallow has additional advantage of being sticky and can easily pick the bone.

It is recommended that you chew it until it is moistened before swallowing it.

After it is moist, swallow it bit by bit as you can swallow.

8. Drink a thick milkshake

Taking a thick drink like milkshake can help to push the fish bone down along the throat. It also has added advantage of being cold, which soothe the irritation or discomfort that might be caused by the fish bone.

9. Gargle warm salt water

Finally, gargling warm salt water is helpful as this can create motion that can easily force the fish bone out from where it is sticking.

Simple way this can by done is by preparing one cup of warm water with one teaspoon of salt.

Hold the water in your mouth, put your head back and force air out of your lungs. That is you breathe out slowly.

Gargle and spit the water out after 30 seconds. Repeat until you get relief.

Salt water can also help with the irritation caused by the fish bone.

When to see a doctor

Most cases can be treated at home, but is recommended you go to emergency room when the fish bone cannot be removed.

Don’t hesitate to see a doctor when you notice:

  • Heavy bleeding
  • Very severe pain
  • Difficulty in breathing

What you should not do

Please, do not try to scrap your throat with any hard object or fingers, especially if the bone is not visible.

Doing that can create wound in oesophagus and may end up causing more discomfort or irritation.

Hope this information was helpful?

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By Livinus Uguru

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