Health is said to be wealth. We must always appreciate God for the gift of good health.

However, for us to enjoy this health God has given to us, we also have to play our own roles as humans. This is because it is said that if God is helping you you should also help yourself.

It is appalling that most time we want to have good health, but we keep on engaging in some attitudes that are dangerous to the health.

Some of these acts have been recorded to have sent people to early grave.

Please, don’t joke with this article if you really want to enjoy good health.

Today am going to disclose to you these common attitudes we must avoid to stay healthy.

If you want faster reading you can use the table of contents below.

1. Avoid intake of raw eggs

Many people go on taking raw eggs believing that they will get all the nutrients by taking it that way.

But the question is, is it perfectly safe for the body? The answer is “no.”

Raw eggs and indeed many other things we take raw are not good for the body. We are therefore advised to at least boil things we eat a little, like pure vegetables, so that they will not constitute harm to the body.

Other things like meats may require that they are boiled very well to avoid transmission of diseases to human body.

Now why do we say we shouldn’t take raw egg?

That is a good question and it should attract the good anwers as well.

Studies have shown that raw eggs contain substance not good for health. Raw eggs have been said to contain a substance called avidin, also known as antibiotin.

What is avidin?

Avidin is a glycoprotein which while taken from raw eggs prevents transport of air(carbondioxide) in the body.

This substance when it binds to receptor inhibits biotin which helps to transport carbondioxide in the body.

Accumulation of this gas(carbondioxide) therefore reduces oxygen content in the body leading to hypoxia ( low oxygen in the blood).

Because blood especially red blood cell needs oxygen to survive, this will decrease blood contents and can lead to shock.

Increase level of carbondioxide also causes metabolic acidosis, causing confusion, and can lead to coma and death.

I believe by now you have known the implications of taking raw eggs and can say no to it?

2. Stop taking neighbours’ drugs you don’t understand

This single act has put many into quagmire.

Many people, especially in rural areas are fond of taking their neighbours’ drugs they don’t know anything about. This happens in orthodox drugs and mostly in those taking herbal medicines.

Don’t forget that drugs are good poisons when they are taken in a wrong way.

Pregnant mothers should take extra care of this.

Taking improper medications have resulted in many health consequences such as infections, abortion, infertility, depression, lot more and even death.

Most unpurified herbal drugs when you keep on taking them for long time can also affect sperm count in males and infections in females.

Please, think twice before you act.

Never take drugs in a dark room.

3. Minimize intake of red meats

It is observed that white meats are generally good for our health, especially for the aged. But red meat has been verified to increase incidence of gout arthritis. This is because it increases amount of nucleic acids which cause arthritis of joints of the body.

It is therefore important that we minimize the ways we take red meats to avoid this health consequence.

4. Stop excessive alcohol intake

Infact, about 20% of cases recorded in different hospitals everyday have been traced to be alcohol related.

Excessive alcohol causes many fatal problems in our lives. But it is unfortunate that many people are living ‘I don’t care life’ towards alcohol thereby helping to reduce their own lifespans. It will interest you to read similar article below.

7 Most Common But Preventable Risk Factors For Many Diseases And How To Prevent Them

For many people, their over dependence to alcohol has been taken to be spiritual. But actually it is not so most time. Those people actually built the habit themselves.

But whether it is spiritual or not, I believe that if one determines to do or stop a particular habit and consults the one’s creator the person will eventually see good result.

So, why are you struggling on your own. Give the stopping a try and get a nice result.

Excessive alcohol is very bad, because it targets almost all the vital organs in the body, such as liver, kidney, heart, lung, pancreas and more.

So, my question is why do you want to commit suicide with alcohol.

Do you know the funny thing? The funny thing is that nobody in hospital will tell people that someone died of alcohol. Why? Because that is not what they want to hear.

So, they rather tell them the conditions caused by the alcohol such as liver failure, kidney failure, heart failure and more. They are actually right, because that is what they diagnose and those conditions can also be triggered by other factors.

So, why not save your own life?

To check if one takes excessive alcohol, healthcare providers always multiply the volume of drink with percentage of alcohol in the drink. If the unit got is more that 10, the person is likely to develop alcohol related problem. Some countries use 12 units instead of 10.

Those having underlying health problems like hypertension, diabetes, others are advised to have total abstinence to alcohol. Abstinence has been the best way to control many health problems.

5. Stop taking high salt meals or drinks

Yes, it is encouraged that we take low salt foods and drinks to stay healthy.

High salt intake is implicated to increase incidence of heart and other vascular diseases like hypertension and more.

Please stop high salt intake as it has no gain.

6. Stop smoking cigarettes and other hard drugs

The labels on some drugs packets always say it all, that most smokers are liable to die young.

Infact, smoking has ranked number one among risk factors for diseases worldwide. Just as excessive alcohol but more severe, smoking affects all organs and systems of the body.

What about those your lungs you use to breath? Do you really not want to stop the breathing? If yes say no to smoking today.

7. Stop thinking negatively

Negative thoughts are dangerous to our health. It kills a lot.

Negative thinking is the reason for psychological problems many people are experiencing today. Once you take wrong side of something, it is always had to take conviction.

So, always find one reason to be happy everyday. It will make you more refreshed everyday. If not for anything, just be happy that you are alive.

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