Provision of good healthcare system in every country is very crucial for the well-being of the citizens in the country.

Today, it is unfortunate that some countries have not made required improvements in their healthcare systems.

Citizens of such countries which do not care for the health of their citizens are always in doom.

Hospitals in such countries above are always places of danger instead of safety for both patients and healthcare workers.

Leaders of such countries always think that they are smart by flying to other countries with standard hospitals whenever they are sick, leaving the poor masses to die in the horrible areas they have provided for them for treatment.

This treatment given to the citizens is always an unscrupulous one. Both workers and patients are always at risk in such countries.

The rates of mortality and morbidity in a country can be used to know if the country is developed or developing.

Most developing countries have very alarming mortalities in their hospitals which is very bad on their sides. Even sicknesses that can be termed ordinaries kill people like fowls in such countries.

Today, in my opinion am going to be mentioning those things that government of any country should do to make hospitals places of safety instead of danger.

Here I begin. If you want faster reading you can use the table of contents below.

1. Provision of favourable environment for adequate treatment

Poor hospital environment is not good for both patients and healthcare givers. Favourable environment include good houses with proper spaces and units.

Also they should ensure that the places hospitals are situated are good for the well-being of people. The inside and outside must be made clean.

Protective materials should also be provided without ceasing. That situation whereby employed healthcare workers are buying protective materials for themselves is not acceptable.

If the protective materials are not there, it may bring medical negligence. The example was what experienced during emergence of COVID-19 which caused scarcity of facemasks, hand sanitizers and other protective instruments in hospitals.

2. Very important, government must provide various important resuscitating equipments in hospitals

Sadly, last year we lost a patient in hospital just because there was no defibrillator machine.

It is always very sad to watch a patient dieing because the instruments that would have been used to help the person is not there.

Why are the instruments not there? Just out of government negligence. Just watch the seriousness of the leaders when the sick person is their relative. I think it shouldn’t have been so. Every life supposed to be treated to be important.

This is actually one of the major reasons why there is high mortalities in hospitals of developing countries today.

So, blood banking, oxygen delivery equipments, defibrillator machine and other equipments can help to save many lives, as it is very difficult to give treatment to person who is dieing without first of all resuscitating the person to life.

3. Government should allocate good funds to hospitals to assist lives

Is it not when people are healthy that they plan for tomorrow? So, why not investing in the healthcare systems?

It will not be bad if government leaders should sacrifice some of their salaries to assist both government, mission and private hospitals in the countries.

Have we forgotten that God rewards us in everything we do? So why not attracting the God’s blessings from saving lives of our citizens?

4. Government must maintain standard laboratories for good diagnosis of diseases

It is always very appalling when equipments in government laboratories are not functioning.

So, it will be good if spoiled or nonfunctioning equipments in hospitals are replaced for better and faster diagnosis

5. Government must employ best instructors and provide teaching materials to meet up the world standard for training medical personnels

How future healthcare workers are trained will also determine the future and progress of healthcare systems in a country.

6. Together with ones made by World Health Organization (WHO), government of a country should also make treatment and diagnosis of more diseases free to help better the lives of citizens

This is very important as many people die everyday in hospitals of some countries just because they can’t afford the treatment of conditions they are suffering from.

7. Government must enlighten the citizens of her country on the need to present early in hospitals and the need for regular checkup

Infact, to me, late presentation in hospitals when people are sick causes about 80% of deaths in hospitals.

It will be nice if people are made to know the importance of presenting early in hospitals for treatment when they have just experienced minor symptoms.

Treatments are better given when conditions are not yet severe.

It is good to know that some diseases do not respond to treatment when they have passed certain stages.

Examples include: heart failure at stage three, HIV when it has turned to AIDS, cancer when it has started spreading (metastasizing) and more.

But the good news is that these conditions can be well managed when they are presented early.

8. Lastly government should investigate and close or improve every substandard hospitals in her country

These substandard hospitals can constitute danger in the lives of citizens.

If government can help by bringing out standard that every hospital must reach before they are allowed to operate, it will help to save lives of those who would have been victims of poor treatments.

Not only to bring out the rules but also ensure they rules are enforced.


In summary, it is a duty of every citizen of every country to ensure that good healthcare systems are provided. This will be achieved by putting in important contributions and giving necessary advice to those in power.

Are you an adviser to your government? Please carry this message to the government for the good of citizens of your country.

What do you think about this matter?

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By Livinus Uguru

The author and founder of Livinus Uguru's Blog Livinus Uguru is a renowned passionate blogger, digital marketer, content creator and medical practitioner. He enjoys sharing knowledge and experiences to the benefit of general public, and has written many news and articles published in different media and online platforms. Hope you enjoy reading this blog posts?

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