It is always a health emergency when Super Glue accidentally gets into the eye. It can easily cause the eyelids or eyelashes to stick together creating a big turmoil to the person.

Today I will be talking on how to remove Super Glue from eye without causing further danger to the eye.

This may be very helpful if you are in a place that you are not close to healthcare givers who would have given you advice of what to do. Or when you think that the situation is not very complicated and can be helped at home.

What should you do in this situation?

If Super Glue accidentally enters your eye, or you meet someone who experiences the situation, do not panic.

Here are things I learnt you can do to help the situation:

First of all, calm yourself down and those around who may rush to do somethings dangerous to the eye.

If the eyelids or eyelashes stick together, rinse and irrigate the eye with lukewarm water. You can also put the lukewarm water in a basin and submerge your face in the water.

Don’t ever try to rub your hand on the eye(s) as this may complicate the situation.

After you have irrigated the eye with lukewarm water(not hot water, but lukewarm water), patch the eye with gauze and plaster.

Allow the patch and remove it after like 2 to 3 days. By then the lids and lashes might have loosened.

If the Super Glue attaches to eyeball, it will associate with eye protein and dissociate after some hours.

You can also apply cool water regularly on the patched eye to quicken release of the glue.

Apply gentamicin ointment to lubricate or moisten the eye and lessen the pain.

Contact your eye doctor for proper treatment if the situation seems complicated.

Risks associated with Super Glue in the eye

Presence of Super Glue in the eye may be associated with the following risks:

  • Eye irritation
  • Inflammation of conjunctiva
  • Eyelashes or eyelids may stick together
  • Corneal abrasion ( scratching of corneal)
  • Infection may occur following allergic reaction. This may be due to exposure to chemical or bacteria

What can dissolve super glue in the eye?

It has been observed that substance like acetone can help dissolve adhesive substances like super glue.


Do not use acetone in the eye or other parts of the body as this can cause severe irritation and can lead to blindness.

Can Super Glue make someone go blind?

Presence of Super Glue in the eye can be perfectly managed without causing blindness. But proper care is needed to avoid doing things that can cause complications or blindness other than ones caused by super glue itself.

People also ask, what of if Super Glue is on the lips causing them to stick together?

Just like that of eye, do not panic as there are things you can do to help out.

First, apply warm water on the stuck lips and allow them.

Continue to push saliva from inside your mouth gently to the stuck area. This will help to moisten and ease loosening of the lips.

Apply the warm water repeatedly after some hours until the lips loosen.

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By Livinus Uguru

The author and founder of Livinus Uguru's Blog Livinus Uguru is a renowned passionate blogger, digital marketer, content creator and medical practitioner. He enjoys sharing knowledge and experiences to the benefit of general public, and has written many news and articles published in different media and online platforms. Hope you enjoy reading this blog posts?

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