There are several things that can cause eye to be itchy. But some among the causes have been identified to be very common in causing itching eye.

Itching of eye can also easily get complicated either through rubbing of hand on the eye or exposure to more conditions that aggravate the symptom.

Most time the two eyes are involved.

Just as I talked about complication before, the itching can also cause the eye to be reddish or swollen probably because of constant rub on the eye.

If the symptoms and signs above are not treated, it can even lead to more severe conditions.

Let me quickly talk about these common conditions that can cause eye to be itchy, swollen or reddish.

If you want to read faster you can use the table of contents below.

Infact, this has been marked as most common cause of Itching eyes among individuals.

What are seasonal allergies?

1. Seasonal allergies

Just like other causes of allergic reactions, but these types of allergies are associated with seasons.

The causes of eye Itching in these seasons are really numerous.

The itching may occur repeatedly every season and may begin at exact time it occurred in the past season.

Example is harmattan period when person may be exposed to dust or harsh wind which can affect the eyes and cause them to itch.

Another example of the causes is mud during rainy season. Dirty water during dry season can also be the cause.

How to prevent seasonal allergies

These allergies can be prevented by marking the period(s) and protecting your eyes during the seasons you experience the itching.

Healthcare givers can also advice you on how to use antihistamine eye drop or corticosteroids to cure the symptoms if they have already occurred.

2. Perennial allergies

These are not seasonal. They can occur any time you get in contact with materials you are allergic to.

Healthcare givers can also guide you on how to use the same remedies in seasonal allergies to cure the symptoms.

3. Infections

Infections of eyes can also be another cause of Itching eyes. This infections are caused by infectious organisms.

Remedy of infectious cause of eye itching

Always seek advice on how to use anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial eye drop or steroids to cure this symptom.

4. Airborne irritants

In this, the itchy eyes is simply caused by irritation from some substances in air.

How to cure eye itching from airborne irritants

Apply clean damped clothes on the eyes and release after some minutes. Apply again like three times at a time. Do it again after like 6 hours.

Apply soothing eye drop in the eyes.

5. Dry eye

From my observations, this mostly occurs in elderly people.

In dry eye there is less fluids in the eye making the eye to start itching. The eye can also get reddish and swollen.

Antihistamine eye drop can also be used to cure this type of eye itch.

This person can also be advised to use artificial tear if the dry eye persists.

6. Eyestrain

This usually occurs when an individual faces on phone, television screen or other things for long time. It has also been verified to occur when you focus on far objects for long time.

Remedy of eyestrain

The remedy is to try and focus more on closer objects.

7. Wrong use of contact lens

Remove or replace your contact lens when necessary according to your doctor’s advice. Wearing contact lens for long time can cause eye to itch. Also when you use contact lens that is no longer good it can also result to itching eye.

8. Blepharitis

This is known as inflammation of eyelid. Inflammation of eyelid can also be associated with Itching of eye.

Remedy of blepharitis

Always keep your eyelids and entire eyes clean. Antibiotics can also be used.

9. Animal allergies

This type of eye itch occurs always especially to people living with some domestic animals. But most people do not always notice the cause of the itchy eye.

Not knowing the cause makes the people to have eye itching repeatedly even after treatment, because they always fall back to touch or play with the animals.

Common animals that cause this type of eye itch include: dogs, cats and others. When you touch the animals and rub your hand on your eye without washing your hands it can easily result in itchy eye.

Possible remedy of animal allergies

Always wash your hands each time you touch such animals above before touching your face with your hand.

Antibiotics can also be used to cure the symptoms.


Itching of eye may appear simple, but trust me, if the causes are not identified and treated the complication can even result to blindness. This makes it important that we note the common causes we have listed above.

Always contact your eye doctor who will have the opportunities to examine you physically and bring out the best way to give treatments.

I hope this article was helpful to you?

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